It's a girl, Oh, and another one


Recap: 2008

It's A Girl, Oh and another one!

When last we met, Cheshire and I were preparing for our Holiday Event when Tennille (our Muse since the beginning) introduced us to Ayeshia a promising young intern and baby's wear designer for her indie label "Baby Shug".
Two years later her "quiet but sure" demeanor has insured her a permanent member of the Sofistafunk team and coming F/W 2011 check out Baby Shug for Sofistafunk.

Smile for the camera Ayeshia, (she hates the camera)

Then came Brittany, direct from the world of making television, she came to offer a hand where ever she could, and in the interim she found out that in addition to being what I call "the uber organizer" she found her creative side, Brittany has become our Wardrobe manager and "MVK" most valuable keeper of all things together, (7am call) "Brittany did you see my keys last night" :)

Here at Sofistafunk, there are many, many hats to wear and everyone wears theirs well

Me? (Sir mix-a-lot music here) "I like Big skirts, and I cannot lie, most pants I do deny..." :)

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