Clothes Are Not Fashion

Fabrics, Clothing and Fashion Oh My!

Fashion is what Fashion does.
Fabrics are harmless, it is what designers construct or use it for that brings life. Once constructed, Clothing too are harmless, they are helpless hostages of the humans or animals that use them for good or  evil. "Clothes are not fashion", the Styling of those lifelessss articles of cotton, silk, leather etc. is what brings hope to the eye of the beholder, God Bless  Sir Phillip Bloch, June Ambrose, Rachel Zoe and the countless other creative minds, that control our retinas. It's all in the styling...

In closing we offer a due nod to the Handsomely Elegant men of BKCircus.

Style roll call in part:
Patricia Fields,   June Ambrose,   Emmanuelle Alt,   Robert Verdi, Nicole Chavez,   Rachel Zoe,   Jessica Pastor,   Nicole Chavez,   Yaniece Piper,   Charlotte Stockdale,...and the style beat goes on.

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