The Fashion Show

 As you may or may not have heard, on Sunday September 12th, we were the requested guest designer for an Art Opening at the prestigious Mark Gallery in Englewood, NJ

The Artists showing were Melody Postma:, Jeff Schaller: and Robert Mars:, do check them out

The show was hosted by Actress Anna Maria Horsford to the sounds of Tru Vibes as they filled the air with melodies so aromatic you could almost taste them

The guests appeared relaxed as they sipped, nibbled and welcomed the wall and floor visuals offered to them.

The models, they were as casual, as funky and as Uninhibited as any Sofistafunk model should be.

At the end of the event we were asked for an encore, I thought, encore? does that happen in the world of fashion, so on November 20th at 4pm, do join us for "Home for the Holidays" the encore, we'll be showing fashions fit for all your Holiday go-to's, hope to see you there.

Hair and Makeup was provided by Celebrity Stylists Phyllis Borum, N-Joyable hair Salon:, Jersey City NJ

and Celebrity makeup artist, Asha Campbell, Faces by Asha Tennille.

Along with myself, Cheshire, Ayeshia and Brittany, we Thank all who attended.

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