Pick Me Up At 2
Pick Me Up At 2

Pick Me Up At 2

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Work Play Dine, if we owned Wall Street, our business attire would look like this, we'd travel from 9-5 all the way into the moonlight.

- Pull on cotton knit waist

- Wool/Poly/lycra and Metallic Blend

- Dry Clean Only

- Length 21" to 41" inch

- Available in S/M (28"-30" waist), L/XL (32"-34" waist), Curvy (36"-38" waist), Plus (40"-42" waist)

 * Odd Button stripe shirt sold separately


* In our efforts to remain environmentally responsible, 90% of our patterns are designed to produce a zero waist product.
This is a zero waste product.
Pick Me Up At 2