Her Corduroy Affair (Skirt)
Her Corduroy Affair (Skirt)

Her Corduroy Affair (Skirt)

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 2017 is a clean slate so why not add an "Affair" at the start. ;)  


 - Floral Brooch at Skirt waist Salvaged Bloom  and Suspender Set Sold Separately 

- Pull on cotton knit waist

- 100% Cotton Corduroy

- Length: 21in

- Machine wash cold with Mild Detergent, tumble dry on cool setting.

- Available in S/M (28"-30" waist), L/XL (32"-34" waist), Curvy (36"-38" waist), Plus (40"-42" waist)       

Note:  Skirt is shown over a petticoat for added fullness (Sold Separately)
* In our efforts to remain environmentally responsible 90% of our patterns are designed to produce a zero waist product.
Her Corduroy Affair (Skirt)