Jazzmine Tee

Jazzmine Tee

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Designed for the woman who walks to the beat of her own music. 

"Music finds the place in our minds where stress has no entry,
A natural connector for the like-minded, it's rhythms remind the brain to relax our bodies, to unwind think free and move, move to the unseen vibrations, move to the electricity that highlight our entire soul, move til you are one with the music that made you.

If, when you listen to music, any muscle in your body wants to move, you are indeed Sofistafunk girl.

Move til your body does what it was unaware that it could do." -Arlinda M.


- 100% Cotton 

- Machine wash in warm water and mild soap


- Available in S/M (28"-30" waist), L/XL (32"-34" waist), Curvy (36"-38" waist), Plus (40"-42" waist)


* In our efforts to remain environmentally responsible, 95% of our patterns are designed to produce a zero waist product.
This is a zero waste product