2009-2017 The Extra Long Recap

As our lease at our Verona, NJ location was due to expire at the end December, 2009 we prepped for the big move while planning to re-launch our online boutique,  which was due to be shopping ready in April 2010, but with moving, client referrals and life in general, April, May, June and July left us for someone else.    Realizing that we are not robots with the ability to do 22 jobs each, we took a breather to re-structure ourselves and because of that breather we're proud to welcome you to our all new and re-vamped shopping site and lifestyle blog.   To all our Sofistafunk Ladies and Gentleman we Thank You immensely for taking us to so many your go-to's.

Sooooo, Friends, Lovers and Chick-a-dees,  click here to see some of those things kept us so busy, then come join us on Instagram @SofistafunkTheSkirtCo.



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