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In the beginning was the silk worm, the cottonseed and the lamb and those three had a purpose, their purpose was to produce silk, cotton and wool; enough silk, cotton and wool for us to design Skirts for the brand we call Sofistafunk.

Likewise, a babe was born and became a lady, that lady uses her inherited creativity and natural talents with those natural fibers to create an Empowering, Ageless, Zero Waste Lifestyle Collection that serves as a reminder to Celebrate Life.

"Our signature Skirt, so lovingly called “The Gathering” was inspired by childhood memories of my mom, her family and friends as they gathered to work in the cotton fields of North Carolina. They talked empowerment of others in a each one teach 3 frame of mind.  I was especially drawn to their fuller skirts, which seemed to blow musically on the wind, they were multifunctional.  I'd watch them pin the hemlines up to the waist to create a large pocket that would hold various items needed for that day’s tasks, then by simply changing a few things and adding accessories, that same skirt that served them so well during the day seemed to magically transform into the most elegant outfit for other activities throughout the week. Here at Sofistafunk, our respect for the voluminous Skirt is unwavering and designed as a reminder that we are empowered to do great things as we offer of ourselves to empower another". -Arlinda M. 

Arlinda McIntosh is the creative director and founder of The Sofistafunk label.  In 1999 she requested her daughter-in-law Cheshire to join her in creating Bold, feminine and ultra versatile styles that explore the alliances between the Elizabethan era through the Victorian period. The Skirts offer a contemporary yet couture aesthetic that awaken the memories of playing dress up all while maintaining the ability to transition from 9-5 to an after work affair with ease.

Best known for their uninhibited and ultra girly approach to skirt making, the label has become a favorite amongst clients for their timeless, grand and picturesque creations. "Our skirts are designed to make a lady feel as if she's about to attend any Royal event, but meant to be worn everyday on the streets of her casually elegant life." -Arlinda M. designer

"Life is a gift, meant to be celebrated everyday, Run, Skip, Dance - Wear what makes you feel happy and Do whatever makes you feel free"- Today is yours, Congratulations!  -Arlinda M.

In our efforts to be more environmentally responsible, 99% of our silk, cotton and wool cuttings are re-purposed into other useable fashion moments, so they never reach the already overflowing land fields.