Falls First Layers 2018



Produced by: Sofistafunk, The Original Skirt Co.



Autumn 2018 


The Collection

The Autumn's are closely woven family of season-lesss Skirts and Skirtcessories designed to inspire and accompany you as you tell your daily and most empowering "Skirt Stories".


It's that time of year again and the family is preparing for The Grandest Welcome Fall Celebration of...


She'd worked 30+ years, 7 days a week and what felt like 36 hour days with no time off and needed a word that would describe what her fashionably-creative brain cells needed,  so she designed that too.    "Rejuvacation"   a vacation designed to  create an environment for total re·ju·ve·nation of an overworked mind. 

We will be away until September 10th 2018. 

The website will continue to accept orders, any orders placed during our away period will begin shipping process Thursday September 6th 2018

XOXO See you on social media outlets!:) ...

The Race To Improved Customer Service

The Race To Improved Customer Service

As we prepare to launch our FW1819 collection to be available 9/10/18,  we've finally realized that we're not robots with the ability to continue sprinting through 32 hours days without Time Off, soooooo After 11 plus years of 32 hour workdays, a broken leg (back to work same day) , a fractured rib (back to work same day), allergies, MAJOR Mentoring and the never-ending job as resident SkirtTherapist, we're taking our first real and official breather to re-structure, re-pace and "Gather" ourselves ourselves in order to offer you an improved Shopping and Receiving experience.       ...

Balancing Act

Some days life is filled with laughter, the birds are singing while the sun shines brightly upon our face,
...suddenly and unexpectedly there's thunder in the midst, the birds scatter and all seems to unravel...
No matter Who you are, What you do or What surprises may come,
Life is "An unpredictable and sometimes an uneven Balancing Act"
Slow Steady and Focus might keep you from falling... -Arlinda M.

Skirts: The Gathering

Sneakers: Converse


SF meets Claire Rosen

SF meets Claire Rosen

                         Once upon a time a few years ago we did some styling for an awesome test shoot with the fabulous Award Winning Photographer Claire Rosen, see pics below, then visit her visit her here : I'd say these are Simply Marvelous Dahling...


1. Causing great wonder; extraordinary.
2. Extremely good or pleasing; splendid.
*If this were an actual shoot, you would have been instructed where to come for your "Smile for the camera moment"