Once Upon A Holiday

Once upon a Holiday in 2010 a lone Sofistafunk girl was invited to 3 different parties, after searching her closet high and low she stopped at something stripe, something green and a little something fuchsia, each was absolutely perfect, now all she needed was a basic tank, tee, or cami a pair of glitzy shoes and perhaps a cute little accessory.

As she gazed lovingly at her selections, it was then that she realized that the pieces she'd purchased a couple of months ago really are "Season-less" to perfection. 

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RHWNJ Danielle and Co.

Once upon a time last spring/summer/autumn our design/styling services were requested for RHWNJ Lady Danielle Staub story (in part) below:

Accessories were provided by, Brooks & Bailey and Alisa Maria for

Opening Night, at the Showroom

 On the eve of Fashion's Night Out, we gave toast to a new address for our "by appointment only" Showroom and Styling Parlour located in Little Falls NJ, not very far from the fabulous "Shag 86" Hair Salon, if you ever see a fabulous cut round these parts, chances are the've seen Gerald or one of the many stylists there, we'll just have to comb together a hair and fashion show soon.

With a few modifications we still present the same offerings, private shopping for ready to wear, custom couture and styling services 


As always Tea and Crumpets are...

The Fashion Show

 As you may or may not have heard, on Sunday September 12th, we were the requested guest designer for an Art Opening at the prestigious Mark Gallery in Englewood, NJ

The Artists showing were Melody Postma:, Jeff Schaller: and Robert Mars:, do check them out

The show was hosted by Actress Anna Maria Horsford to the sounds of Tru Vibes as they filled the air with melodies so aromatic you could almost taste them

The guests appeared relaxed as they sipped, nibbled and welcomed the wall and floor visuals offered to them.


Clothes Are Not Fashion

Fabrics, Clothing and Fashion Oh My!

Fashion is what Fashion does.
Fabrics are harmless, it is what designers construct or use it for that brings life. Once constructed, Clothing too are harmless, they are helpless hostages of the humans or animals that use them for good or  evil. "Clothes are not fashion", the Styling of those lifelessss articles of cotton, silk, leather etc. is what brings hope to the eye of the beholder, God Bless  Sir Phillip Bloch, June Ambrose, Rachel Zoe and the countless other...